Discover your favorite app for personalized music education

Discover your favorite app for personalized music education

With the coming of the internet and the drastic change in life with the recent pandemic, the internet has become a turning stone for the educational system. All tuition and tutorials are now done online. But how did that change for something as special as music education?

Are online music tutorials worth it?

The internet works as well as a book because there is the visual aspect of it. Knowledge can be imparted easily and music files can be shared easily. Now we have various apps available where one can learn music easily.

Using Metronaut App to learn music

Metronaut App is specialised in learning classical music. It is available for download on the Apple store. Below, we will dive a little deeper into this app to analyse its features:

Step 1: You can choose from various instruments namely:

  •     violin
  •     Viola
  •     Cello
  •     Double bass
  •     Piano
  •     Flute
  •     Classical guitar
  •     Voice
  •     Clarinets
  •     Trumpets
  •     Saxophone
  •     French horn
  •     Bassoon
  •     Tuba
  •     Euphonium
  •     Mallet
  •     Harp

Note that you can change your instrument at any time

Step 2:  Choose your level

You have the choice on metronautapp between the followings:

  •     The beginner level
  •     Basic level
  •     Intermediate level
  •     Expert level

Step 3: Activate notifications

This will allow the app to send you notifications to practise. The purpose is for you to be motivated and be consistent.

Step 4: Set your goals (daily, Weekly and weekend)

 Hitting a purpose without any goal is a waste of time. The app allows you to set your personal goals so you can develop good learning habits.

Once your account is set, you can now surf on ‘My Music’, ‘Discover’ and ‘ Catalogue’ 

Step 5: Discover option

 On ‘Discover’ find various music compositions available that you could practise with. They are categorized from different themes such as:

  •     Your repertoire
  •     Classical music Hits
  •     Childhood memories
  •     Halloween
  •     Christmas and so on

 You just choose the song you want to practise. You will also have exercises for more practice.

 Once your choice is made, you can view the worksheet and select the mode of learning and tempo level. 

Modes of learning:

  1.   Listening mode: whereby you can listen to your work and the accompaniment and compare.
  2.   Sight reading mode: you learn the notes of the worksheet without accompaniment and it is done at your own pace.
  3.   Training mode: the focus is on the rhythmic accuracy.
  4.   Performance mode: you play at the speed you are comfortable with.
  5.   Magic performance mode: you control the speed of your performance and the accompaniment follows you

Furthermore, choose the tempo you are comfortable with. Other features are metronome, loops, countdown, volume, etc. 

Step 6: ‘Catalog’ Category

 If you want to find a specific piece, click on the ‘Catalog’ Category, where you can search by piece title, composer name, and instruments or by the level of difficulty.

Note that once you have clicked on a piece, it is downloaded and saved to your device which you can use offline or without internet connection later.

Step 7: By clicking on the ‘setting’ icon, you will find various tools offered to enhance your learning namely:

  •     Annotation: Annotate the parts that are difficult with your hands or Apple pencils
  •     Record your work
  •     Tune your equipment
  •     Change your Display according to your choices
  •     Change version: if it is applicable you can change the version of the piece selected into (
  •     Print the sheet

Step 8: Add your microphone to your device and get started.


With Metronaut App, get inspired to learn about music with the different features and worksheets available in the ‘Catalog’ category. Broken down into short lessons, the songs selected are from various composers to increase your level. You can also find more than 4000 Interactive Music Sheets for free.

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